Titans News · Spring Sport’s Tryout Schedule!!

Here are the dates and times for Spring Sports Tryouts, along with coach’s information:


Baseball:    March 1st,  JV will go from 12:30-2:30/Varsity from 1:30-3:30

Varsity-Joe Rydzewski     Joseph_C_Rydzewski@mcpsmd.org

JV-Jim Mantzouranis       James_M_Mantzouranis@mcpsmd.org

Softball:  March 1st, JV/Varsity will go from 12:30-3:00

Varsity-Anthony Nappo        Anthony_J_Nappo@mcpsmd.org

JV-Melanie Moore                 Melanie_D_Moore@mcpsmd.org

Boys Lacrosse:  March 1st, JV/Varsity will go 1:00-3:00

Varsity-Shawn Western       Robert_S_Western@mcpsmd.org

JV-Sean Loftus                       Sean_M_Loftus@mcpsmd.org

Girls Lacrosse:   March 4th, JV/Varsity will go from 3:00-5:00

Varsity-Greg Varner        Gregory_J_Varner@mcpsmd.org

JV-Erica Ramos                 Erica_E_Ramos@mcpsmd.org

Track:   March 4th, 2:45-4:45

Eric Da Silva        Eric_D_Dasilva@mcpsmd.org

Volleyball (boys/co-ed):  March 1st, from 1:00-3:30

Boys-George Vargas        George_A_Vargas@mcpsmd.org

Co-ed-Jermaine Howell   Jermaine_A_Howell@mcpsmd.org

Tennis (boys/girls):  March 4th, will go from 3:00-5:00

Boys-Mike Bonavia           Michael_S_Bonavia@mcpsmd.org

Girls-Max Donohue           Christopher_M_Donohue@mcpsmd.org